Friday, October 1, 2010

Lack of 3D content: A major reason for low demand of 3D TV sets

The 3D TV Sets have filled the markets, every known TV manufacturer has introduced its own range of such TVs. The question that is arising currently is whether the demand for 3D TV review has gone up at the same rate at which they are being introduced in the market.
The current scenario indicates that the demand for 3D TV sets is not as it was expected to be, a major reason for this is lack of 3D content.

There is no dedicated 3D channel launched yet. Sky will be unveiling its exclusive 3D content telecasting channel on October 1, 2010. But for now the 3D TV owners are watching the 2D content in 3D. This means despite paying ten times more the price of 2D TV 3D TV owners are watching the same content the only difference is the 3D View. The hype created by television manufacturers regarding the 3D TV was tremendous but when these TV sets hit the market the owners did not get to watch any interesting 3D content.

The 3D TV Viewing caught up big time in UK thanks to Sky’s 3D channel. The sports enthusiasts were hooked and continue to hang around in pubs and clubs just to watch their favorite sport being telecasted in 3D. The experience is exhilarating and thrilling for them.

But this is not the case with rest as they have not yet been able to watch what they like. Until now just action movies and live sports have been telecasted whereas there are people who like to watch content related to lifestyle, culture, music and so on. No efforts have yet been made to show content related to such genres. This is a major turn off for a lot of people which is affecting their buying decisions in a negative way as far as 3D TV is concerned.

Sky has recently announced that they will launch Europe’s first 3D TV channel on October 1. Sky displayed their latest 3D TV technology with an Arsenal vs. Manchester United match. The experience of watching football matches on 3D TV is already a sensational news. Sky 3D TV reviews have acclaimed as a positive glimps into want will be the future od 3D television